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Here I go…

OK, this, clearly, is madness…

I already have no less than 4 (four!) other blogs going simultaneously, and now I’m starting this one, no. 5. What are the chances of me actually keeping track of all of them, and keeping each one updated at least, I don’t know… once a week?… I dare not answer but I will try to keep this one going. As well as the other 4. As well as, perhaps, the two others, stuck at the back of my head, trying to get out. (Help! I don’t think I can keep them in there much longer!)

I notice bilinguals have a penchant for writing two-language blogs. I guess I’m not a real bilingual because after pondering the double feature option for a very short while I decided to take the language separatist route. So this is going to be an English blog, and English only. No knowledge of Polish required. In fact, I’d say that would be a przeciwskazanie. 😉 (Sorry, sometimes code-mixing becomes really difficult to avoid.)

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