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Zamoyski’s Warsaw 1920 review

This is from more than a week ago. British “Telegraph” published a pretty positive review of Adam Zamoyski’s Warsaw 1920: Lenin’s Failed Conquest of Europe.

The review itself is not exactly inspired writing but at least it gives a vague overview of the war that, in my opinion, sealed Poland’s fate for more than half a century to come. Of course, I’m no historian so this may be just layman’s blather but I believe that if not for the idiocy of the Riga peace treaty the history of World War II and its aftermath would have been completely different – Polish diplomats failed to secure a truly winning treaty in 1921, leaving bolshevik Russia almost stronger than it was before the war and Poland (as well as Russia 🙄 ) is paying the price for that till this very day. IMHO 😉

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