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Polish 19th century orchestral music – the pics

Here are the pics of the CDs I mentioned two posts ago. I’m putting them here, in a separate post, as I think it wouldn’t be wise to inflate that rather large post any further… 😳

Stanisław MoniuszkoOvertures on CPO (Filharmonia Pomorska conducted by Robert Satanowski)


This CD contains Moniuszko’s Bajka, the overtures to his main operas, and a couple of rarities “on the side”. (Don’t worry, I’ll devote a separate post to Moniuszko alone in the future, and there you’ll find information about his operas etc.)

Polish Symphonic Music of the 19th Century on CD Accord – this is a Polish label not to be confused with the French one called simply Accord (Sinfonia Varsovia/Grzegorz Nowak)


This CD contains Zygmunt Noskowski’s Step, Moniuszko’s Bajka and Władysław Żeleński’s W Tatrach, as well as pieces by two other (slightly less) important Polish 19th century composers: Ignacy Feliks Dobrzyński (Chopin’s coeval and friend from the Warsaw Conservatory) and Karol Kurpiński.

Grzegorz Fitelberg conducting the Polish Radio National Symphony Orchestra on TVP


This contains absolutely breathtaking historical recordings of Moniuszko’s Bajka, Noskowski’s Step and several other pieces by Karol Szymanowski and Mieczysław Karłowicz.

Witold Rowicki conducting Polish orchestral music on Polskie Nagrania


This 2-disc album is a volume of a series dedicated to the conductor Witold Rowicki. Despite the ugly cover it’s a series well worth getting (and cheap) – however, it seems absolutely inaccessible anywhere outside Poland. This installment contains recordings of Noskowski’s Step, Żeleński’s W Tatrach as well as some orchestral music from Moniuszko (other composers featured are Różycki, Wieniawski and Karłowicz).

A Polish Concert on Olympia


This out of print CD contains an earlier release of Rowicki’s take on Noskowski’s Step (other composers on the disc are Karol Lipiński and Mieczysław Karłowicz).

Zygmunt Stojowski – Piano Concertos and Music for piano, both on Hyperion (Jonathan Plowright – piano, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra/Martyn Brabbins)



I’ll skip other available Stojowski recordings (chamber music) for the time being (might devote a separate post to him as well one of these days)…

I’m also skipping (for now) several interesting discs of non-orchestral music by Żeleński. This leaves us with the bevy of…

…Juliusz Zarębski’s Piano Quintets
Władysław Szpilman in the Warsaw Piano Quintet (Sony Classical)
Jerzy Witkowski, Ewa Marczyk, Marek Bojarski, Marek Marczyk, Zbigniew Krzymiński (Olympia)
Waldemar Malicki and the Varsovia String Quartet
Szabolcs Esztenyi and the Wilanów String Quartet (Tadeusz Gadzina, Paweł Łosakiewicz, Ryszard Duź, Marian Wasiółka)

Paweł Kowalski and the Silesian String Quartet
Krzysztof Jabłoński in the new incarnation of the Warsaw Piano Quintet: Konstanty Andrzej Kulka, Krzysztof Bąkowski, Stefan Kamasa, Rafał Kwiatkowski (DUX)
Wojciech Świtała and the Royal String Quartet (Izabella Szałaj-Zimak, Elwira Przybyłowska, Marek Czech, Michał Pepol)

The CPO Zarębski solo piano music disc I mentioned (played by Marian Mika) looks like this:


  1. Jezetha
    7 April 2008 at 21:40

    Hi, Maciek! Just discovered your hide-out… It’s nice to see the cover pics of some of the recordings I have!


  2. maciek
    15 April 2008 at 1:08

    Hi, Johan! Nice to see you here!

  1. 22 March 2008 at 0:01

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