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And YET another one!

This one – from “The Financial Times” (May 10th). To a very large extent this is exactly the same as the BBC interview, verbatim. But there is some new, interesting information in the middle section – amongst it the part about his working in a piano repair workshop. I didn’t know about that, and the BBC interview did not explain it (or else I missed the explanation), and therefore I found it a bit ridiculous when he recalled all the repairs he had to subject his own instrument to – or at least what I took to be his own instrument; or perhaps a couple of instruments from his music school (how bad a state was it/were they in? how many parts exactly needed to be hand made? 😆 ). Now I understand! 🙄

Here’s a nice quote about the effects he strives to attain with his adjusted instruments:

I’m looking for an adequate sound. If the piece is ugly, I want an ugly sound. I want the sound to do what I want, not to be beautiful. I’ve seen pianos like that. I sat down, the piano was beautiful, and the moment I wanted to change something, the piano was still beautiful, and I hated it – because the piano didn’t listen to what I wanted to do. My piano is incredibly flexible. It almost dreams with me in the concert. I have an idea, and I don’t even have to verbalise or to think how to do it. The piano reads it directly from my soul.

(here’s the link: ‘My piano almost dreams with me’ Interview with Krystian Zimerman by Shirley Apthorp, “The Financial Times”, May 10 2008 )

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