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Paweł Mykietyn awarded the OPUS 2008

Well, that was perfect timing with the Mykietyn post yesterday! Because I was able to anticipate (by a tiny margin) all the hype he is getting today. It was revealed during a special ceremony this evening that Pawel Mykietyn has been awarded the OPUS 2008 prize for his Symphony No. 2. OPUS 2008 is awarded jointly by the Polish TV and Polish Radio for a specific work first performed during the preceding year. This is the first time the prize has been awarded (it was only established this year – its founding seems to me a frantic attempt to show how the public media in Poland are vital to the wellbeing of culture; all part of a campaign to counter plans of their liquidation; but lets put politics aside… 🙄 ). The winner gets 200 thousand zlotys (roughly 100 000 USD, 60 000 EUR, 50 000 GBP).

Here’s what the jury had to say:

Of the 7 compositions nominated to the Opus award, the originality, stylistical uniformity, formal perfection, admirable feeling for musical time, and extraordinary inner energy of Pawel Mykietyn’s work, written in 2007 and premiered at the 50th Warsaw Autumn Festival on September 21st of that year, distinguished it from the other entrants. The jury deemed this composition to be the best Polish musical work made public in 2007.

(For any solecisms in this translation I alone take full responsibility.)

The other nominees this year were:

Zbigniew Bargielski Nocturne in blue and red

Jerzy Kornowicz Spiętrzenia

Aleksander Lasoń String Quartet No. 7

Aleksander Nowak Last Days of Wanda B

Ewa Trębacz Thing lost, thing invisible

Lidia Zielińska Siedem wysp Conrada (definitely a high point of last year’s Warsaw Autumn!)

Members of the jury:

Włodzimierz Kotoński

Andrzej Chłopecki

Krzysztof Droba

Marek Moś

Olgierd Pisarenko

Krzysztof Szwajgier

Paweł Szymański

More details can be found at the award’s home page – all in Polish, of course 🙄


Here, I’ll tell you how to listen to the samples:

1) Click on the link above.

2) Click on “pomiń intro” at the bottom of the screen in order to skip the irritating animation.

3) On the gray menu bar click on “opus Muzyka poważna”.

4) A smaller (white) menu bar will appear underneath the gray one. There click on “Laureat” (that’s the last title on the right) – this will take you to the “Mykietyn page”.

5) Click on the first play button to listen to a sample from the piece entered into the contest.

6) Click on the second play button if you want to watch a very short movie clip containing… nothing, or at least nothing worth taking a look at.

7) On the smaller white menu click on “Nominacje 2008” (second title from the right).

8 ) Click on the green text next to the photo of the person you’re interested in.

9) Go to point 5. Continue doing this until you’re bored.

Have fun!

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