It’s out!

The Mykietyn CD mentioned in a previous post has been released. Here‘s the track listing. No theater music. What should we expect? Well, I know all of the pieces, and feel it’s a so-so set:

1. 3 for 13 – one of his best pieces, definitely a good choice, it will be great to have the “official recording” of this! 🙂

2-7. Shakespeare’s Sonnets – overhyped, I don’t like this. Will the the studio recording make me change my mind?

8. Ładnienie – OK, I’ve only heard it once – maybe I had a headache, or was tired, or something – but I really didn’t like it…

9. Sonata for cello solo – I’ve only heard this piece for the first time last week, and, well, I have to admit it – I feel this is Mykietyn’s masterpiece; absolutely captivating, eerie, uncannily unfamiliar music. This whole microtonal thing seems to be really working. Perhaps he has really discovered “himself”, his very own idiom as a composer. After hearing this (about 50 times now 😆 ), I’ve completely changed my “overall” lukewarm opinion of Mykietyn. I’m really eager to find out where he goes from here! :mrgreen:

[2011: removed some of the mean remarks (about the disliked pieces) which really did not add much in terms of content]

  1. Jezetha
    8 July 2008 at 18:56

    Sonata for cello, Mykietyn…


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