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first Warsaw Autumn concert this year – listen online

About 7 hours from now, If you click the PR 2 stream link below this post (under the information heading), you will be able to listen to a live webcast of today’s Warsaw Autumn concert (from the National Philharmonic in Warsaw). Here’s the program:

Wojciech Widłak Wziemięwzięcie

Giacinto Scelsi Uaxuctum. La leggenda della città Maya distrutta da essi stessi per ragioni religiose

Mauricio Sotelo Si después de morir … In memoriam José Ángel Valente

Enrico Chapela Ínguesu

performers: National Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra in Warsaw (OS Filharmonii Narodowej), Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic Choir, Arkadiusz Bialic organ, Thomas Bloch ondes Martenot, Arcángel cantaor, Violetta Bielecka chorus master, Krzysztof Urbański conductor

The concert is scheduled to start at 19:30 CEST (UTC+2). In case my directions were a little muddled, here’s a link to the audio stream.

  1. 19 September 2008 at 21:03

    Thanks for posting that link. I just listened to the concert broadcast here in California – what a small world. (Didn’t understand a word they said, however – but I didn’t expect to.)

  2. maciek
    20 September 2008 at 11:22

    You’re welcome. Hope you enjoyed the concert. I thought the Scelsi piece was the highlight (well, I actually liked all of them, especially the Sotelo). If I see any other Warsaw Autumn concerts listed in the radio program, I’ll post them as well. At the moment I simply don’t have time to go through all of it, but I checked that there’s nothing today or tomorrow (Saturday and Sunday).

    Actually, there’s a pretty interesting concert coming up on Sunday that is not Warsaw Autumn-related, maybe I’ll post it anyway… 😉

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