More live webcasts from Warsaw Autumn 2008

The Polish Radio is a bit disappointing this year. Maybe my memory is playing tricks on me, but I seem to remember that in previous years they would transmit a concert every other day. But this year…? Look how many days it has been in a row, and not a single concert! And there isn’t one today either. Below I’m listing all four remaining live broadcasts – the times, as previously, are CEST (UTC+2).

Wednesday, 24th September, 19:30-21:30

from the Witold Lutosławski Studio

ORQUESTA DE RADIO TELEVISIÓN ESPAÑOLA, Arturo Tamayo conductor, María Antonia Rodríguez flute, Miguel Espejo clarinet, Miquel Bernat percussion

Adam Falkiewicz Counterpoint Seven
Joan Guinjoan Magma
Alberto Posadas Cripsis
Jagoda Szmytka jonction
Jose Ramon Encinar Almost on Stage
Mauricio Sotelo Chalan

Thursday, 25th September 19:30-21:30

from the Witold Lutosławski Studio

ORQUESTA SINFÓNICA DE RADIO TELEVISIÓN ESPAÑOLA, Arturo Tamayo conductor, Juan Manuel Cañizares guitar

Jerzy Kornowicz Zorze I “Prague”
Mauricio Sotelo Como llora el viento
Francisco Guerrero Oleada
José Luis de Delás Umbra vitae
Elliott Carter Partita

Thursday, 25th September, 22:30-24:00 (yep, two concerts in a row – apparently, they’re trying to redeem themselves)

(no intermission)

from the Ochota Sports Centre

KWARTLUDIUM (a violin-clarinet-percussion-piano quartet), TikTak, Zgas beatboxers

Juan Manuel Abras Chacarera beatboxera (world premiere, WA commission)
Michał Górczyński Massive (world premiere, WA commission)
Paweł Hendrich Cyclostratus (world premiere, Deutschlandfunk Köln commission)
Dobromiła Jaskot Hum… (world premiere, WA commission)
Andrzej Kwieciński 14’48(3) (world premiere, Deutschlandfunk Köln commission)
Diego Roman Martinez Operetta (world premiere, WA commission)
Eduardo Moguillansky aide-mémoire 2 (‘B’ is for berliner rohrpost) (world premiere, WA commission)
Gabriel Paiuk Distancia (efectos de superficie) (world premiere, WA commission)

27th September, 19:30-22:00 (guess that was too good to be true)

from the National Philharmonic in Warsaw Concert Hall

NATIONAL POLISH RADIO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA (KATOWICE), CAMERATA SILESIA choir, Jacek Kaspszyk conductor, Tabea Zimmermann viola, Marcel Pérès voice

Tadeusz Baird Concerto lugubre
José María Sánchez-Verdú Maqbara (Epitafio para voz y gran orquesta)
Marcin Bortnowski …looking into the heart of the light, the silence
(world premiere, WA commission)
Oscar Strasnoy The End

Hopefully, they’ll retransmit all the other concerts as well at some point. I’ll let you know..

Details about pieces, performers and such can be found at the Warsaw Autumn site.

EDIT: and here’s a link to the audio stream (forgot about the most important thing, as usual).

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