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Two Bacewicz PREMIERES on Monday!

Grażyna Bacewicz between (left to right)

her Polish composition teacher Kazimierz Sikorski

and colleague Roman Maciejewski

This one of the most exciting webcast alerts I’ve had the pleasure to present here so far. On Monday evening the Polish Radio (Channel 2) will be transmitting, live from the Warsaw Philharmonic, an all-Bacewicz concert featuring… wait for it… drum roll… two world premieres!

Here are the details:

GRAŻYNA BACEWICZ – works for string orchestra:

Symphoniette (1929 – premiere)



Symphony (1946 –premiere)


performers: Warsaw Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra/Jan Lewtak

Both Symphony and Symphoniette are pieces only recently discovered. The concert is part of the 13th Witold Lutoslawski Forum (I would provide a link but it appears the festival has no site of its own and there’s no information available in English – you can find the full program on the Warsaw Philharmonic site, though).

The concert starts on the 16th of February (2009) at 19:05 UTC+1 (to get a current reading for UTC+1 go here; 19:05 is, of course, the same thing as 7:05 pm). To listen on-line (webcast) click here (no, wait until 19:05 on 16th Feb.!).

Background reading suggestions:

  • discography (an earlier post from this very blog; check the following one for vinyl recordings),

And while I’m at it – a few other upcoming Polish Radio concerts that readers of this blog might find of interest (all times are UTC+1). The first two are live transmissions:

  • 15th Feb., 19:0o, Polish Radio Orchestra in Warsaw/Jürgen Bruns, Stefan Kamasa (viola); program: Bacewicz: Overture for orchestra, Pensieri notturni, Viola Concerto, Berlioz Harold in Italy
  • 18th Feb., 19:30, 7th International Witold Lutoslawski Cello Competition (opening), Cellonet cello ensemble/Andrzej Bauer, soloists: Anna Maria Jopek, James Barralet, Bartosz Koziak; program: Bach (arr. Lothar Niefind) Branderburg Concerto No. 6, Penderecki Agnus Dei, Koziak Elves, Boulez Messagesquisse, Villa-Lobos Bachianas Brasileiras no 1 & 5, trad. (arr. Barralet) Four Folk Songs
  • 19th Feb., 19:05, Sacrum Profanum Festival in Cracow (from 16th Sept. 2008), Klangforum Wien/Johannes Kalitzke, program: Lachenmann Concertini, „…Zwei Gefühle…”, Musik mit Leonardo
  1. Johan Herrenberg
    14 February 2009 at 10:05

    Thanks for the alert, Maciek! I hope I canb make it, next Monday. But a whole… symphony?! How did it get lost?!

  2. maciek
    13 March 2009 at 1:32

    I don’t know the details but she was very prolific and also disowned quite a few of her early works. I can imagine those could get lost quite easily (perhaps even with a little help from the composer herself)… And then there’s just all sorts of accident (forgetfulness, theft etc. etc.). I’m not sure which group exactly these specific pieces came from.

  3. R.Grainger
    24 May 2010 at 12:34

    I just read about that composer as well, on this neat CD review:

    which in turn linked to a wonderful write-up of the composer for her 100th anniversary. I’ve already heard some streamed samples; what a discovery!

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