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Projected blog makeover

For quite a while now I’ve been concerned with the layout of this blog. The reason I chose the current theme (Day Dream by Jim Whimpey) was simplicity. Plus I liked the color scheme. But I did not realize how annoying it would be to have posts and everything else stretched in one looong column. That would be fine for very short entries but mine tend to be on the longer side. Also, the layout of the widgets gets jumbled all the time. Sometimes the text doesn’t fit etc. So I’m now looking to replace Day Dream with a new theme.

After going over the list of available templates several times, here are the top two contenders:



The latter is my favorite as far as functionality is concerned but it would mean losing the “of the musical wren” subtitle – or rather having to introduce it into the main title. Also, the color scheme is quite a departure from what readers of this blog may have grown used to. And yet, I’m almost ready to take that plunge – just give me another day or two to think it through…

Here are the descriptions of these two themes taken from the theme manager:

Fadtastic – A bright and fluid 3-column theme with double the widgets for double the fun. Tags: flexible width, page navigation, three columns, rtl

Sapphire – A two-column blueish theme with that professional “Apple” feel. Tags: custom header, two columns, fixed width, blue

If only there was a way to adjust the Fadtastic color scheme (without having to pay for it, I mean)… Unfortunately, it’s not one of the 7 themes with customizable colors… Perhaps I should give those a second thought. I’m thinking mainly of Andreas09 and Garland.

And if you’re interested in some other options which did not make the shortlist but were pretty close, here they are:




Ocean Mist


The nice thing about Ocean Mist and Mistylook is that they would allow me to add a customized picture (“header”) at the top of the blog (the vistas you see there are not obligatory). Rounded is a theme I’m extremely fond of but I’m already using it on a Polish language blog that I run and using it on two different blogs would probably confuse me.

Important message: if over the course of the next few days you notice the blog change appearance several times, it will be due to my experimenting with some of these templates. Remain calm. And patient.

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  1. 8 April 2009 at 15:13

    “Remain calm. And patient.”

    I am fasting and praying.

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