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Maybe Ligeti one day…

I wish I could promise to start blogging more regularly from now on but can’t just yet – still not enough time. But I’ve just stumbled into this item and posting it won’t require a whole lot of effort so why put it off?


A brand new interview with the pianist Piotr Anderszewski has been published on http://www.telegraph.co.uk today (probably in the printed version as well?). You can find the interview here. It’s quite short and rather superficial but Anderszewski has the reputation of a recluse and I don’t think interviews with him are very common. He does say some striking things, though. I especially like this part:

Sometimes when I’m practicing it feels as if the piano might actually eat me!

Two other tidbits:

sometimes the piano won’t sing enough. But that is also the secret of this instrument

I wish someone would invent a piano I could play lying down, I would be so happy!

Plus there’s the quote I’ve taken for the title – which I intend to treat as a promise!

Also from today, and on the same site – there’s a rave review of Anderszewski’s newest album (Piotr Anderszewski at Carnegie Hall, on Virgin).

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  1. Johan Herrenberg
    23 May 2009 at 10:52

    Serious and humorous at the same time, concentrated, hard-working. I like him. Thanks, Maciek.

  2. 12 June 2009 at 22:20

    I would love to use this picture of you for a promotion
    if possible. You are our featured artist next week.

    • maciek
      14 June 2009 at 12:23

      I’m afraid it’s not “my” picture, not in any real sense: I’ve taken it from the artist’s web page (www.anderszewski.net, linked to in the text).

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