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Pawel Szymanski x 4 on NInA

I’ve only noticed this today and it is news that deserves not only to be passed on, but to be shouted about. 4 videos of pieces by Paweł Szymański (complete recordings, not short clips) have been made available on the Polish National Audiovisual Institute (NInA) web pages.

Paweł Szymański is generally considered the finest Polish composer of his generation, and some even consider him to be the greatest Polish composer alive (I’d certainly put him on my personal top 3 or 4 list). The fact that so few of his compositions are easily available to listeners outside Poland is lamentable (there’s an old Brodsky Quartet disc with his 5 Pieces for String Quartet; all other releases are on Polish labels). I’m very happy that music lovers from around the world will finally get their chance to make aquaintance with this great music! :mrgreen:

So go there immediately, and listen:

Partita no. 3 for harpsichord and orchestra (Władysław Kłosiewicz – harpsichord, AUKSO Chamber Orchestra/Marek Moś)

Compartment 2, Car 7 for vibraphone and string trio (Krzysztof Jaguszewski – vibraphone, and members of the Silesian String Quartet: Szymon Krzeszowiec, Łukasz Syrnicki, Piotr Janosik)

Miserere for voices and instruments (Andrzej Wróbel, Kazimierz Koślacz, Elżbieta Piwkowska-Wróbel, Anna Wróbel – cellos, Stanisław Skoczyński – vibraphone, Anna Sikorzak-Olek – harp, Camerata Silesia Choir/Anna Szostak)

Epitafium (Epitaph) for 2 pianos (Maciej Grzybowski, Maciej Piszek)

All these recordings come from the Paweł Szymański Festival, which took place in Warsaw, in November 2006.

[UPDATE: If you’re looking for a Pawel Szymanski discography, you can find one in this post.]

  1. maciek
    4 September 2009 at 0:14

    More Paweł Szymański available on-line:


    Gigue for solo cello. Click the title Gigue – to get a pdf of the score. Click the loudspeaker icon to download an mp3 with an anonymous (?) performance.

  1. 4 September 2009 at 0:11

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