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Henryk Mikołaj Górecki R.I.P.

Have just learned of Gorecki’s passing. He had been in the hospital since September. He would have turned 77 just over three weeks from today. Very sad news indeed. As a strange coincidence, during the last few days I have been rereading the Adrian Thomas monograph, and have been thinking about Gorecki a lot. About his health problems, which started at a very early age – he seemed to have always faced them with courage and a serene humility. And about the sacrifices he had to make in order to become a musician (he came from a very poor family, his father did not at first approve of his son’s musical interests). And about the uniqueness of his music, which was modern yet steeped in tradition, even in its avant-garde beginnings – drawing inspiration both from the old masters and from folk music (but then, how many composers do we have today, whose first music teachers were actual folk musicians?).

I haven’t got many of his scores; let this last page of Ad Matrem serve as an epitaph:



Niech na spotkanie w progach Ojca domu
Po ciebie wyjdzie litościwa Matka.

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