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Privacy disclaimer added

I’ve added a short note about privacy to the sidebar. I suddenly realized today that most of the people entering their e-mails in various fields on this blog (comments, subscription) are blissfully unaware of the fact that these are available to me! Perhaps most of them wouldn’t mind anyway, but I thought it’s a bit unfair that they should not know.

I don’t keep those addresses stored anywhere, by the way, so if you don’t want me to see yours, just unsubscribe (there should be an option at the bottom of each e-mail), and I think you’ll be gone from the list (and if I ever googled your e-mail to check who you are – I’ll now try to forget whatever it was that I discovered; chances are I’ve already forgotten). I don’t think you can do anything with the e-mails ascribed to your comments – at least not without contacting me about it. (Yes, I do have the magical power of editing your comments, I do! Imagine that! Well, I am the admin and the sole moderator here…)

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