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Polskie Nagrania (Muza) now has mp3 downloads

27 October 2011 Leave a comment

Not sure when this happened, as I don’t check their site regularly and haven’t seen it for over a year, but it appears that Polskie Nagrania (Muza) have opened an mp3 store! Here’s the address:

This should be good news for anyone interested in Polish music. As far as I know, in many parts of the world Polskie Nagrania (Muza) CDs are very difficult to find, so the possibility to download them should be convenient.

At this moment, their classical music selection consists of 60 items (which does not translate directly to CDs, because some of them are multiple-disc sets – I think it all adds up to around 80 CDs worth of downloads). Unfortunately, many of them are not available yet (“mp3 files in preparation” – this includes some very interesting items). And some of the links don’t work (404 errors). But I’m hoping that that is something temporary. And that the items that appear to be available are actually available, ie. the store does actually work – that is something I haven’t checked myself, as I don’t have any need for new music at the moment.

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